Dear SLO,

Would you be mine this Valentine’s Day?


Your biggest fan


Bubblegum Alley, Higuera St., San Luis Obispo, CA


Downtown clock, Monterey & Osos St., San Luis Obispo


Hey Diddle, Diddle (SLO Public Art), Marsh & Chorro St., San Luis Obispo


Rocket Fizz, 669 Higuera St., San Luis Obispo


Black Sheep Bar and Grill, 1117 Chorro St., San Luis Obispo

Chinese Garden (Cheng Park), Between Santa Rosa & Marsh St., San Luis Obispo


Fremont Theater, 1035 Monterey St., San Luis Obispo


Mission Plaza, 989 Chorro St., San Luis Obispo


Show SLO love this Valentine’s Day!

Special thanks to my models and collaborators (Hollie B., Miss B., and Jill Hewston Photography) on this creative project!

Images by:

Tina Davidson Photography, Jill Hewston Photography, & Hollie B.

Conceptual design by: Tina Davidson

Need SLO Happy photos? Contact Tina Davidson Photography or Jill Hewston Photography on Facebook.

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Tina Davidson

I like to write online content about subjects that are humorous and/or beneficial to life in some way. I also enjoy photography and illustration. Hopefully, you've learned something new by stopping by my blog(s). Thanks for the visit!

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